Monday, 15 November 2010

Treatment & Synopsis for Music Video (2nd Draft with New Ideas)

After my Guitar Hero band idea was scrapped by others and we were set up with a Student band that is part of the Music programme at Suffolk New College; this caused me to rethink my last proposal entirely in order to make it run more smooth and slick with the Bands image and newley chosen song "Let the Sun Shine by Labrinth"

Due to the Band making the song more of a rock version than an RnB one, i thought the song projected a rather Dark feel to it which would automatically be the key theme for the music video. I wanted our group and the band to be credited equally for our work when this is done so I suggested that we film a narrative based around the song that seperates a story from the bands performance, making it clear what area certain people performed in. I also wanted to include a reference to the movie director David Fincher in the musc video in order to relate to my key theme of darkness in setting and soul. I wanted to add quick 7 second video clips from his movies for a quick reference avoiding domination over the music video. The clips i wanted to add were:

Fight Club - Jack & Tyler talking outside dingy club in an alleyway ultimatly leading to the idea of the Fight Club.

Se7en - Mills & Somerset arriving at the crime scene left by John Doe that is set in sleazy underground motel with heavy rock music and red light in the background i.e. Blood and Danger.

Zodiac - Victims of the Zodiac killer before the murder, Night time makes the mysterious cars headlights look more scary and intense for everyone.

The "New" Synopsis (My Way)
i wanted a dark storyline to go with the very depressing song to go with the very depressing song the band had chosen and other members of my team had accepted. So i created a storyline that will blend in with this new song; i wanted to keep filming local so I proposed that we shoot it in O Block (a part of the old college that has not been demolished yet) because our new college looks far too modern and safe for the kind of setting i wish to use and create. Moving on from O Block i wanted to shoot some more on the college grounds to establish past love interests and a life in which our main character has left behind; hence 'Let the sun shine'. Then afterwards maybe we can move closer to the town centre or toward the docks keeping the dingy, dark setting in motion. Here is my Proposal in more detail, emphasisng my creativity.
At the beginning i would like to begin with alot of CUs on the main character that will be played by myself. This will make a start in establishing what sort of person he is and how he will act. The focus will the be on the alcohol and the cigarettes on the table he is sitting at; there will also be a college text book on the table and the alcohol and fags on the table will represent how they can now interfere with his past life (clearly was a good student) As the music video will continue it will stick to this theme until thus coming to a flicker of hope for this lost soul 'Let the Sun Shine' A Gamble theme will be used and will be taking place in Suffolk New College with the presence of playing cards with cash or chips. I would also like to include a camera shot that will involve a fold gesture in which the main character will throw his cards over the lens ultimatly cutting to the next shot e.g. Casino Royale used this shot. After this a series of random encounters will occur making it more likely for the two to spark a potential relationship. After a small band performance clip the scene will take place on the waterfront at a small cafe which will involve the character maybe eating a bad breakfast or circling potential jobs as well as the horses in the paper. maybe the female character will come into this scene and maybe not but this will be a signifier on how the male character is now changing his ways.
Setting Re-think
Due to a possibility of inaccesebility in O Block, I have come up with a new proposal revolving around the setting area for our Music Video. My OWN idea would be to set it outside the Dolce Vita nightclub which was shut down in 1993 between the old fasioned style library building. This area is less crowded and the boarded up club will express the mood i am trying to create However this will be one of the settings i intend to use for the music video. For our main character to notice the potential love of his life, we must include random incounters rather than the main character following the women 24/7. Suffolk New College is too modern in which I have already established that however it can be part of the whole representation on how the new love interest can pull this lost soul out of the shadows and bring him back to the real world. Next scene could possibly be at one of those small cafes along the waterfront on the docks which would be introducing more of the public into his life as it starts to become more colourful and bearable. Maybe other locations around college to establish the idea that the male character and the female character are both students even if it is a little surreal throughout the video.

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