Tuesday, 30 November 2010

CD Cover (Ideas & Development) 30 Nov 2010 - 6 May 2011

Here are a few images I have collected to potentially become the/a part of Distractions CD Cover. Found on Google Images, I dont think that these pictures will dominate the cover as i would like Distractions picture to be on the front cover and maybe have the sunshine as a backdrop for the set list/song title and back cover. "Let The Sun Shine" I'm trying express the songs lyrics through the visuals without trying to make this band look like your average young new rock band.

14 February 2011, I have taken some images myself of the sunlight shining down on some pleasant imagery; this has been shot with a 2.0 megapixel phone camera, the sony ericsson w610i. Here is a slideshow of my design for the CD cover. I have chosen this front cover picture because I wanted to make a small reference the song title and how everything else is in shadow it makes the sun more stronger and dominant over the rest of the setting. This picture of Distraction is one of the few that I had and I have chosen this one because it conveys a friendship attitude which will contrast with the depressing song and show audiences their true style. The layout is accurate in height and width to the traditional design of a cd single case because I thought that would be best seeing as it is only one song and it could possibly promote the band alot more. Initially a Crystal case design.

25th March 2011 Due to a minor problem I must drop my crystal-case plan and put what I have got into the digipack design used on LPs. Now I am at the point now where I have completed my "individual" CD design that has been created in the image of how only I would like it to be. It was made mostly with images from the internet which I would be unable to do for the final draft due to copyright issues however the secondary images that I did use gives you general idea of what I would like to acheive for the final front cover of the CD. The blue effect I decided to use at the last minute because putting this particular picture in black and white didnt really look that attractive so i thought blue effect would be nicer to look at and makes the front cover appear really attractive like a tropical lagoon at midnight. This colour has its mysterious effects so it will be quite eye-catching for the public. My last band pic (above) may still remain in the final CD design but I have added screencaps from the music video performance to create a filmstrip layout on the inner cover of the digipack. These pictures will remain in black and white in order to keep the moody effect that was created in the music video. I would like to possibly add a picture from the narrative with the RED effect demonstrating the romance genre, placed in the inner cover behind the disc - two characters holding hands, picture taken from behind them.

3rd April 2011 After discussing the Music Video with my team, I thought about the possibility that an audience may watch this video and may think that it is trying to pre-date back to the 40s - 50s judging by the B&W effect alone. Afterwards I thought we could use this concept to manipulate the original idea of design for the CD inner-cover by using frame contact sheets i.e. negative camera strips making it more interesting for the audience and making a nice change from just sunshine and screenshots. I felt that the negatives made the perfect frames for the screenshots of the band and made the bands image appear "scruffy but dont give a damn" it has its positive ways to portray a rock band. Below this I wrote a false "Thank You" statement from each of the band members thanking their family, friends and us. Here is the negative effect I am talking about:

6th May 2011 - This Negative effect will be Sliced down in order to be 'merged' with the limited band pics that we have. It will be featured on the inside cover of the Album "Let the Sun Shine" This frame style helps emphasise the Black and White effect used in the Music Video. Here is the final Filmstrip style created for the CDs inside cover.

This will be the final picture for the CDs front cover, I will alter the Suns rays and bring out more of a shadow and a purple colour that will emphasise the albums title and the effect created in the Music Video.

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