Monday, 29 November 2010

Nickelback's Marketing Campaign

To remain fresh-faced and hip; the band Nickelback uses a wide range of methods to market themselves in order for their names to carry on cropping up whenever the rock genre is discussed in a conversation or on television. It will also maintain their worldwide audience instead of having a majority of them drift away once the dust settles after one of their live performances or new singles. Nowadays the ways to advertise are so advanced and effective that the audience are kept within a bands grasp as they are constantly entertained and hyped up by future events that the band has to offer. Social networks that have become increasingly popular among the world such as Facebook, Twitter opens a window for celebritys to market themselves and lets the audience come much closer to interacting with them than they could before. Clothing merchandise and signed gear has always been a traditional way of attracting attension and now that there are a variety of styles and fasions this area has greatly risen in popularity since the time of the odd autograph and plain t-shirt.

Once more, using social networking sites on the world wide web is now a very common method to look up your favourite bands (Nickelback) and find out about their history, listen to music samples and find out about upcoming tour dates, gigs and guest appearences.

Using the popular Guitar Hero game franchise to market and promote a band which is fresh or an oldie has recently come into play and acts such as Aerosmith, Metallica and Van Halen have been largely benefitted with money and a shot of revival for their bands. These games offer an
interactive virtual reality for Nickelback etc. fans and keeping them on such console platforms such as PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii will keep the games appearence fresh and new regardless of the date that they came out.

Here are a few examples of clothing merchandise available from Nickelback which not only just has their name on it but it relates to the style that they wear when seen live, on TV or on advertisements. Nowadays they keeps alot of their wardrobe black as they now sing with more darker moods than before.

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