Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Magazine Advert (Ideas & Development) 30 Nov 2010 - 6 May 2011

Here is a picture of me playing Guitar Hero which is not going to stay put does give one of my general ideas for the magazine advert; Get a picture of Distraction and use fototrix.com to brighten it up and turn it into a proper advert. I thought Rolling Stones would be a good idea because it is well known and a highly used source of music information and entertainment. I will try and add customised sub-titles when I have figured out how to do it. 27th March 2011 After a long wait due to filming, editing and pre-production I have finally come up with the first basic idea of the print advert which is part of the promotional package which has to promote the band Distraction along with the music video and CD. I thought I should keep the B&W effect in the advert as it relates to their song "Let The Sun Shine"; the effect created in the music video. Due to copyright issues I have decided not to include large brand names in the advertisement, the lack of colour in the advertisements leaves a big window open for further advertisements in the future that will show how Distraction can come into their own and evolve along with a genre. I used the font from Fight Club as it cropped up 11 years ago so I thought it could be a good start to a possible logo for the band because it seems to emphasise their image of a teenage band who just like to rock. The quick slogans and bar chart puts more pressure on readers to quickly book without having time to think about further which will bring in more money for the band. I made this using Microsoft PowerPoint, the pictures of the band are screencaps from the music video itself. Using a built in free effect with the programme I blurred the pictures into the advertisement making it look much better. False Quotes from well-known labels makes the potential performance more unmissable for fans. Putting the prices in small writing does not make the advert appear to 'pushy' and 'desperate' to the audience.
3rd April 2011 I have made a mistake. The Print Advert must promote the CD Digipack NOT a Concert, I will learn from this and move on however the basic design of this advert will be used again in the correct aim; making changes to the information as well.
6th May 2011 - Due to lack of teamwork I had to do most of the practical work involving the Apple computers by myself and on the last week before all the coursework had to be handed in I quickly gathered some of my basic ideas above and created the final print advert which can be seen further up the page of my blog in the 2011 archive.

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