Friday, 14 January 2011

Test Footage, Samples 1&2

These test samples demonstrate the RED effect that me and my group wish to create in our pop music video. The red hoody will stand out as we will B&W the rest of the screen, this effect will relate to the oscar-winning film Schindlers List (1993) when the red effect was used to represent emotions such as innocence and vulnerability. However we are using this effect to demonstrate the romantic side to this dark naarative; making it one of the positive outcomes of this depressing story. These shots right here will not be used in the pop promo. They were filmed in the college which is the main location of the music videos narrative. The RED effect will not be used on the band as we wish to project their full image and not have it altered in any way. Distraction was unfamiliar with this effect and on the day of filming they wanted to perform in their own style.The luminous jacket (Test Sample #1) effect will not be used in the music video, its just an example to show how many different effects we were willing to test out. In the end we all decided that the RED effect was more powerful and helped relate to the narrative in a symbolic way.

Here is the picture; the reference to the iconic Pleasantville Effect that was created in Schindlers List (1993) "The Girl in the Red Coat" The only item in the B&W film to contain colour.

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