Friday, 14 January 2011

Final Synopsis for Music Video (3rd draft)

After the final review of different versions of the music video synopsis from each member of our group we finally decided to smash them all together in order to create a narrative to which we all contributed to. In my own opinion I thought that this new idea would really work with the effect that I personally wanted to create (David Fincher-style MES) The O Block idea is gone due to property conflicts between Suffolk New College and UCS.

The first scene would involve the main character in the technical area of the recording room at SNC with the band performing "Let the sun shine" through the glass, creating a barrier between him and them which will be explained further on in our narrative. The main character will have drink and cigarettes on show to show that his current state is negative which will make the B&W more understandable. The main character still tries to have some sort of link with the band, however remote; he storms out of the recording room, the band pays no attention to him.
Scene two I suggested that before we brighten things up a bit we should further emphasise his feeling of non-exsistance by having him sit at a college computer and search himself (name, identity) on the internet which will lead to "0 results found" being sent back to him, almost as if he was fading from exsistence.
At least 3-4 scenes in this music video will involve the narrative automatically switching back to the bands performance when the chorus is about to be played. This would be a good way not to distract the audiences focus from Distraction giving them a bigger boost in popularity. They will be involve in the mood changing sequence when B&W will flicker until turning into colour.
The main character will drift outside, still on college grounds suggesting that he is still a student, a flashback sequence will take place from here showing the audience that he was once a member of Distraction and was kicked out for unknown reasons which has led to his spiralling downfall and inner demons. It all looks like gloom and doom for the main character until he basically falls in love at first sight when we introduce our femal character who also has a main role in our narrative. She will be wearing bright colours (red) which will introduce the change from B&W to colour, new inner feelings for the male character. Male character sees her but then the scene will switch to Distraction once again. The narrative will then lead to a string of random encounters where the male and female will run into each other over a period of at least 3 scenes in our narrative which will lead up to the big finish, the relationship will blossom alot more through these clips.
The final shot will be filmed in the Large music room next door to the recording studio, this scene will focus more on the band itself; possibly involving scenes of them setting up, having a laugh with one another. This is all in order to present their image to the audience making them more understandable and likable with the younger audience (that they are not completly professional, more fun) Their live performance will be mimed but set up to look as if it wasn't with the main characters observing them which will establish that the male doesnt need them anymore now that he has a new love interest.
I think this narrative was the right way to go in the end because it is more about the band and our narrative is not too confusing for the audience.

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