Friday, 7 January 2011

List of all Locations, Props and Costumes needed

Recording Studio/Booth, Suffolk New College
– This location will be used for a majority of the bands performance throughout the music video “Let the sun shine”
The Learning Curve, Suffolk New College – 2nd scene that serves to the narrative where the main character is descending into darkness and his existence is fading. Google’s himself – 0 results.
College grounds, Suffolk New College – Important scene where the character sees his new love interest and the mood of the narrative becomes brighter and the stylistics change featuring more colours.
Recording Studio/Booth, Suffolk New College – Flashback sequence of main characters dismissal from Distraction.
Random Locations around SNC – These small 20-sec clips will brighten the mood continuously and will eventually blossom the relationship between the two main characters.
Large music room, Suffolk New College – Final scene, boosted performance from Distraction featuring the same song, only a different setting. Closing sequence for relationship that has finally bloomed and is strong, Distraction is performing better and the main character does not need them anymore.

Instruments mainly associated with the rock genre and featured in the song. Guitar/Bass, Drums/Symbol, Microphone etc.
(Optional) Alcohol bottle, Lit cigarette in order to emphasise the depression the main character is encountering in early scenes.
Windows PC, Keyboard used when the main character Google’s himself which will serve as a symbolic feature showing the fading of his existence.

Black denim, Black jackets
at the start to emphasise the dark mood and current state of the main character. (worn by the band, main character but different style)
White T-shirts in order to represent the change of mood for the narrative. (worn by the band)
(Optional) Red Jacket, Dress this will be used to create unique effects with Final Cut Pro be a reference to Sin City etc. (worn by the female main character)
Casual Bright Clothes another change of style to go with the newly established lighter mood featured in the music video. (worn by both main characters)

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