Friday, 8 October 2010

Synopsis & Treatment for Music Video (1st Draft)

It was my idea to have our group as the band itself, using the Guitar Hero instruments used for the popular well-known game series on PS3, XBOX 360, Wii etc. It will be a fun, unique representation of a real band and a counterpart of what a real-live audience would expect from a live rock performance. My narrative has not been given much thought but I propose a sequence of events that would involve the story-arc and then suddenly cut back to a live performance of the guitar hero band, for example: My Kid Rock MV example as seen below. i was thinking of possible adding extracts from popular films that show some kind of relation to the Rock and Roll genre, for example films such as The Terminator, Iron Man 2 (involved heavy use of AC/DC in it's soundtrack) and School of Rock. This music video will not be completely overtaken by film extracts because we too wish to promote our band image even though our performance is not 100% genuine, my aim is too do something that may not have been done in Media before and something that will contrast to the other productions in the class.
In the narrative scenes I would like to show what members of the band do on a regular day i.e. maybe they meet up, go into the town etc. This will all be taking place while the music is all synced over however I may use the sound equipment to add some dialogue at the beginning and end of the music video. The Guitar Hero performance could take place in one of the studios or classrooms of the media department in Suffolk New College which i think is an original and easier idea to act on because it is a place where we are all welcome and it is unlikely that we are to be let down when the time comes.
If my group members do not approve entirly of my proposal I will at least merge my ideas with their very own proposals in order for me to at least contribute to the plan of the final music video.

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