Monday, 4 October 2010

Kid Rock Promo Pack Analysis (Video, Advert, CD Cover)

KR"All Summer Long" CD Cover
"Kid Rock" is always in capitals as is his song title, makes the cover and his image stand out more. Very Large Capitals at the top of the page in order for the background and Kid Rock to have equal domination in this picture. Smashed glass effect can represent accidental vandalism due to drunk side effects which can be seen as part of the fun that is described in his music video. His mirrored sunglasses can be either natural or an effect to elongated the beauty of the scenery (lake, woods) where he and others spend the summertime.
Kid Rocks Jersey makes it clear that he is in Alabama country; probably his birthplace or just his location for summer vacation. His fasion style suggests the mid-late 1970s (rock era) intertextuality is established. Natural Lighting in outdoors surroundings with a nothing-special house, possibly a living quarters for farmers long ago, now abandoned awaiting demolishment. Heavily wooded area creates the sense of freedom with less law enforcement and worries. Blue skies (intertextuality) of the old saying "not a cloud in the sky" meaning nothing to worry about, everything is fine.
The reason that it is only Kid Rock in the photo despite the fact that there were loads of characters in his music video that contributed to the main narrative and none of his band members (instrument players) simple and basic; he promotes himself hence only "Kid Rock" is on the cover, name and face. The band and extras are not important in this CD cover. Genre of music established slightly by scenery is in the Southern Rock, Americana category.

In this CD cover it would appear that Kid Rock has slightly changed his image through clothes and props whereas in the one above he appears as a common punk found in Alabama with nothing unique to offer audiences and to build his own star image. This more recent CD cover looks at Kid Rock in a whole new light as it almost completely changes the way he was represented in "All Summer Long" His logo is still the same font/style but more of a gold colour which could represent his step up from last time, almost everthing in this photo is gold including the cars leather seats, the pistol handles and the golden field background along with the bright sunshine. He is now dressed in smarter clothes such as Leather, Denim, Snake-skin boots which adds more of a cool American Dude image to the star. I would not think that this photo-shot is completely associated with the song as "Born Free" expressed the same freedom sense as "All Summer Long" did, the car and the field can represent life on the road which some people do call "freedom" The props such as the strangly large amount of guns that are within reach and that blend into the cars features. There is that intertextuality to money like there is in most music videos because everything that features in this photo looks rather expensive. Alas it is return of the large sunglasses so he has kept a small part of what used to be him in "All Summer Long" and his facial hair remain keeping that rough yankee look.

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