Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Distraction's Feedback (Music Video)

Tuesday 3rd May 2011 - During my theoretical Media Lesson I was given the surprising news that I had to show my final edit to the band: Distraction in order to get their view on the whole thing and to post the feedback on the blog. Due to the surprise I had to quickly gather some questions together that will be the most relevant and easy to understand, these questions is what I asked Distraction after the showing of my
Music Video. The only members of the band to review my Music Video were the Bass Players: Jake & Nathan (left) as the other members were in recording sessions.

  1. Is this how you would like to be portrayed? (Jake) "Well kind of.... but I did think that our ideas for a performance were pretty dumb and needed more effort put into it" (Nathan) "....but the music video is cool its hard to notice our banal performance concept"

  2. Is the Black & White a good idea? (Jake) "I liked it...I thought it was very beautiful to watch on the screen" (Nathan) "I don't know....I would have liked to have seen more colour especially in the final scene"

  3. Do you think the pace of the music video runs smooth enough with the rhythm of the song"Let the Sun Shine"? (Jake) "Yeah I think it runs perfectly, slow and romantic sort of thing going on there" (Nathan) "Yeah its fine"

  4. What about The Pleasantville effect? (Jake) "I love the red! it looks cool" (Nathan) "Yeah its awesome! has a nice symbolic effect on the narrative"

  5. Do you like the Romantic Narrative? (Jake) "The narrative was a nice surprise, I didnt expect it" (Nathan) "Its good to have a merge of ideas, a good representation of our song"

  6. Anything need correcting? (Jake) "The Synchronisation, it should run with the guitarists during the solo chorus instead of the Drummer" (Nathan) "I want to see a clip of me and Jake when we stood up to perform the final solo along with the lead guitarist"

  7. Was the Setting a good location or was it too cramped for a performance? (Jake) "Slightly, we wanted to stand up alot more during filming but we couldn't"

  8. Finally was the 'Larkin Around' scenes a good addition as well as the narrative? (Nathan) "that was hilarious mate" loads of laughing during the showing of the Music Video.

Distraction showed signs of dislike towards their final song choice of "Let the Sun Shine" when they were talking about the lack of effort in their own ideas. Jake also added that it was weird to see Ollie performing in Jakes voice but it still works. After the interview I told Jake and Nathan to give the rest of the band my best and that it was a pleasure to work with talented musicians like them. I apologised for the absentiesm of the other members of my group.

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