Monday, 9 May 2011

A2 Coursework Breif "What I Will Be Doing This Year" 2010/2011

Music Video Album Promotions Coursework Project
Using a range of technical skills within media I will produce a promotional package e.g. Music Video, CD Digipack and Small Advertisement to promote the ban Distraction that are featured in the Music Video. I have been teamed up with two other people; Charlotte Clarke and Josh Harvey. Together we will each take responsibility for each element of the production i.e. Cinematography, Editing, Art Design, Paperwork etc.
The progress of the promotional package can be recognised through this blog in which I will post updates weekly soon after every practical media lesson. After the completion of the promotional package I will then complete an interactive evaluation of the project in which I will focus particularly on the areas that I was responsible for.

(detailed reference of project aim)
What I will be doing this year is creating a music video, adding some of my own genre characteristics and narrative/concept basing it while working with a band that are on a music course at Suffolk New College. The band are called Distraction and their main genre focus in music is the rock genre, having already chosen a song all that is left to do is create the music video. (Song Choice: "Let The Sun Shine" by Labrinth. The project will involve team effort so I am not in this alone. I also have to discuss with the band how they should dress and what image they should present on the day of shooting the music video.
Theory work will also be involved with my other media teacher where i will be learning about how media is Globalised and how it will affect us, using Disney and Studio Ghibli (Anime) BBC News will be involved as I will be studying everything the network has to offer and just how much it can extend its reach throughout the world while changing to suit those of different regional backgrounds

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