Friday, 25 March 2011

Storyboards for Music Video (Plan)

The storyboards were compulsory to the Planning and Development area of the project however I now know that thet demonstrate the very first basic plan we had for the narrative (a quick example of a treatment) and how we would put it all together on Final Cut Pro. I drew all the sketches and action description with a bit of help from my group, they were coming round to the idea of making it a romance because I said that it will go well with the lyrics and music. I intended to do at least 3-4 scenes of the male and female characters becoming closer to each other emotionally after the meet cue but due to the length of the song and the main plan was to promote the band so we could not let the narrative dominate the music video. After the meet cue there will be one more scene before the final shot. Altogether our narrative probably fits the duration of 1min 30secs. There was no mention of the B&W and RED effect at this early stage of the project.

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