Thursday, 31 March 2011

Feedback for "Let the Sun Shine" Music Video

Here is the Feedback for our music video given to use by our Teacher and our Classmates on Friday 25th March 2011. We all watched "Let the Sun Shine" and other peoples music videos with other bands in which we all exchanged opinions and praise. The feedback were based around the questions below. Does the Music Video work with the Song Lyrics/Music? "Yes, i think its an excellent representation of a lost person finally finding a reason to live again" "I think the song is lovely, how it is transformed from club music to a melody with meaning and heart" "A nice relaxed feel to it and the band are well suited to the music video" "The Bass players need more screen time in the music video i think" "I love your reactions, George!" Anything to suggest? "Need a final shot of the two main characters together" "Maybe its a bit too dark?" "I would have like to have seen a wider range of locations in the Music Video" "Bit of a polish with more Wide Shots" "Would like to see more of the Larkin' Around" "Either need more of the flashing light effect or none at all" "Interested to see a CD cover" "Maybe a bit more colour for the sunshine, making it more dominant" Representation? "Calm band, relates to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers" "Indie, anti-superstar representation of the band" "Slightly Charty" "Similar to Nickelback, Blink-182 or Kings of Leon (the band)" What did you like in the Music Video? Editing & Creativity? "The Black and White works very well in the music video" "It's great being up close to the lead singer during the chorus" "The RED effect is very nice, a good representation of romance in a B&W video" "I like the darker contrast effect" "The pace and mood is brilliant, easy to follow and keeps with the speed of the music" "Narrative works quite well"

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