Thursday, 30 September 2010

All Summer Long by Kid Rock, Directed by Mike E Clark (2008)

The MES included a numerous amount of things you would associate with Summertime in the USA by the Lake down in Tennessee. This music video features alot of retro cars mixed in with modern speedboats to show the difference between then and now. The costumes were very casual and matched the scenery along with the half naked women there were walking and dancing around (establishing sex appeal, which you would expect from Americans) Old school stereos and aviators from the 1970s.
The cinematography was interesting as it showed all of the young teens around the fire as equals as it pans around them as they pass the whiskey to the next person. The camera only focused on Kid Rock as he described his behaviour back in the day. As the speedboat would zoom past things in the water the camera would film them coming up and then keep the focus as it leaves them behind. CUs on teens "making out" Most of the time the camera would cut from all the partying to Kid Rock and his band actually performing the song with a real flash light effect on the stage.
Basically everything Kid Rock sings/says automatically cuts to a visual of it happening literally with no exaggeration, lyrics do have alot in common with the visuals.
Beach Party music, old-school rock n roll causing the women to pole dance and the guys to go crazy. The music literally causes partying to break out not needing to make sense.
Intertextuality is going back to the 70s (rock decade) for some people. A mash-up of Lynard Skynards "Sweet Home Alabama" & Warren Zevons "Werewolves of London" in the lyrics and tune.
The Narrative is Kid Rock recalling the days when he had the most fun through Flashbacks that do not include him.
The band are portrayed as proper southern yankees who are cool, awesome and have no worries. They somehow get all the hot girls to hang out with them. This will promote them as this music video will definatly garnish alot of fans who want to be like them.
Target audience would probably be the young lads, old school rockers in the USA, maybe some hipees trying to relive the day as well.

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